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  • The red and gold Lord Buddha sitting on a palm showpiece is a striking and spiritually significant work of art. This meticulously crafted figurine portrays Lord Buddha seated in a meditative posture, with vibrant red robes and opulent gold accents, symbolizing strength, enlightenment, and prosperity. Placed atop a graceful palm leaf, it conveys peace and serenity. The showpiece beautifully combines the depth of spiritual wisdom with visual opulence, making it a powerful representation of the Buddha's teachings. Whether displayed as a centerpiece in a meditation space or as an emblem of mindfulness in any setting, it serves as a reminder of the path to enlightenment and inner harmony, infusing both spiritual depth and aesthetic allure into your decor.

    Arina Gold Buddha Showpiece: A Gilded Symbol of Peace

    SKU: 1186BU
    ₹3,999.00 Regular Price
    ₹990.00Sale Price
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    Size in cm: Figurine - L 10.5 x B8 x H 19

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