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  • The bright blue human face bookend showpiece is a captivating and unique addition to any bookshelf or decorative setting. Shaped in the form of a human face, its bold and vibrant blue color commands attention, adding a dynamic touch to its surroundings. Seamlessly combining functionality with artistic expression, it serves as an eye-catching bookend or stands alone as a striking sculptural piece. This showpiece not only holds books in place but also infuses a sense of contemporary charm and creativity into the space. With its vivid blue hue and distinctive design, it adds a refreshing burst of color and personality to any room, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate unconventional and artistic decor accents.

    Elegance Meets Functionality Face Design Book Rest

    SKU: 1141BEND
    ₹3,899.00 Regular Price
    ₹2,200.00Sale Price
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    Size in cm: Figurine - L 23 x B 15 x H 21